Italian Bakery Consultant and  Technologist

Advice on the farm IMA. Group Ltd






Responsible for the production of the company is Mr. Hilary Meadows which is a founding member of the Dr.. Spallanzani and Dr. Albert. Dr.Pagliani Piero.

The high professionalism of Hilary Meadows allowed to make several prototypes of ovens for cooking tortillas and tigelle with high productivity per hour.

Mr. Meadows has developed new equipment in the field of creating a food mixer with hot oil, with different capacities for cooking braised meat, sauce, vegetable soups and more, without the risk that the product will stick to the walls.

This mixer replaces the traditional braising pan, which with its cooking system makes it impossible to have the product with a uniform cooking.

Even fryer horizontal or vertical type addition to give the product an even cooking eliminates the unpleasant odors of fried.

In the range of prototypes of Mr. Meadows can not miss the cook polenta with built-dispenser for filling the trays and various types of deep fryers, horizontal and vertical, can eliminate the unpleasant smell of fried.

The cooperation with the firm IMA srl is the submission of their equipment, demonstrations in the laboratory business to affected customers, the goodwill of the various machines and suggestions for changes to be made for their improvement .