Italian Bakery Consultant and  Technologist

Advice on the farm IBL Ltd





I.B.L. Ltd. is a food plant industry engaged  in the study and development of strongly automated production processes and machinery that are technologically advanced for processing bread and baked goods. Its innovative approach and its strategic thinking enable itself to become competitive on the market: it can join great experiences in tradition with diversified, but well integrated, skillsand know-how, thus giving an original impression to itself.


I.B.L. Ltd. designs and manufactures automatic systems and equipment for the production of:

- Soft dough (“ciabatta bread”, “Pugliese bread”, etc.).

- baguettes

- Pizza, bread, Arabic bread, tortillas, wraps and “piadina”

- croissants and pastries

- cookiesand biscuits 

The company's mission is to ensure our customers quality resultsusing automation and technology and optimizing the process with targeted solutions which providing a complete assistance in defining the products standard andin their relative implementations.


As I am awell-prepared technologist, I offer customers my experience and my knowledge in order toadvise them in start-up of new lines and in improving and organizing their own productionwhereas there is the customer's request.