Italian Bakery Consultant and  Technologist

Collaboration at the design office "Enumplan SA




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Enumplan based in Lugano, Switzerland is the partner of choice for individuals, institutional clients, for investors, the public sector and businesses, in short, a building project for those who want to reach the quality and cost control.

I was contacted by the design firm to become the production manager of the bakery sector and fast food products for a new food establishment at run at Bondeno of Ferrara.

My job will be oriented in different phases: selection and arrangement of the various lines of production, personnel training, selection of recipes based on commercial requirements, choice of suppliers and production start-up in my area of expertise.

Besides the production of bakery products and fast food products, raw or cooked frozen there will be a department dedicated to the confectionery, fresh pasta, ready meals and always raw or cooked frozen. The project is already in operation and the construction site for the construction of the plant will open by 2011 .